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Looking for the Perfect Playmat? Here's What You Need to Know

Looking for the Perfect Playmat? Here's What You Need to Know

A playmat is one of the most used items a parent or caregiver will invest in. The right playmat can transition and support your child’s growth and development from infant through to childhood. There are a lot of playmats on the market and it can be overwhelming to choose the right one to spend your money on. The following list of considerations will help you choose the perfect playmat and ensure that you are investing in a high quality playmat that will provide wonderful memories and last for years to come.

  1. Comfortable – comfort is key, especially when it comes to a playmat where you and your child will spend many hours a day making memories and playing together. When it comes to comfort, not all playmats are created equally. You will want to ensure that your playmat is adequately padded with just the right amount of “squish” to provide traction and protect your child from life’s normal tumbles and falls and that the surface is non-slip, soft and comfortable for your child, especially as an infant, to create the perfect place to encourage learning and skill development. Many playmat materials can be too hard and dense, feel like plastic, be too thin or too slippery for your child to practice and master skills like sitting, crawling and walking. Having a playmat that is comfortable enough for the whole family to enjoy will make all the difference.
  1. Safe – ensure you look for a playmat brand that is non-toxic and free from unwanted chemicals. Many playmats continue to have plasticizers, contain questionable materials such as PVC and EVA and can even contain unsafe plastics, formamide, fire retardants and permitted amounts of other unwanted ingredients. Parents and caregivers have enough to worry about so make sure to look for a playmat that is hypoallergenic and free from BPA, PVC, EVA, Fire Retardants, phthalates, formamide and heavy metals. It is best to ensure that the playmat has undergone independent third party safety testing to provide you with extra peace of mind.
  1. Portable and Easy to Store – Busy parents and caregivers need the flexibility to be able to move around your child’s play space, especially when they are very young, in order to get things done (e.g. laundry, meal prep, household chores to name a few). Having a playmat that is one piece and made of light weight foam or a cotton fabric will allow you to move your child from room to room with you with ease. Playmats that are heavy, too large or made of multiple pieces are harder to move around easily and are not ideal for taking on playdates, visits to friends and family and on vacation. Sometimes parents and caregivers want to be able to pack away a playmat. One piece playmats offer the ability to roll and store a playmat with little effort and safely tuck away the playmat until its next use. Look for playmats that offer velcro straps or other carrying cases to help with portability and storage.
  1. Easy to Clean – Playmats are a high use item and there are bound to be spills, accidents, food crumbs and more. Busy parents and caregivers should look for a playmat that are waterproof and easy to clean. Playmats that can just be washed down with a soft cloth and warm soapy water are especially appealing and do not expose babies and kids to any needless chemicals. One piece playmats make it easy to move the playmat to vacuum and clean under it on a regular basis while multi-piece puzzle mats will accumulate dirt and dust between the cracks and can be a chore to pick up, clean and put back together on a regular frequency. If you opt for a cotton based playmat check the care instructions before purchasing to ensure that they are machine washable.
  1. Warranty – Parents and caregivers should look for a playmat that offers a reasonable warranty period. Given the investment that parents and caregivers make into a high quality playmat you will want to ensure that the brand you are choosing is prepared to stand behind its product. Ensure that you understand and follow any care instructions to ensure that any warranty offered is protected.
  1. Beautiful Designs – A playmat will be in your home for many years. Finding a playmat that offers appealing designs that will fit into the aesthetics of your home can be a game changer and will be appreciated by the whole family. Look for a playmat that offers modern and reversible designs that allow you the flexibility to change designs depending on the décor of the room you are using the playmat in.


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