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Padded Foam Playmat Care Instructions

Before Initial Use:

  • Unwrap the padded foam playmat from original packaging, place packaging away from children and safely dispose of plastic bag and box.
  • The playmats are rolled up tightly to reduce volumetric shipping weight. Once taken out of the packaging, remove the velcro straps, unroll the playmat and place it on a flat surface with the curled edges facing down to release minor creasing and to allow the playmat to relax and flatten down. Depending on how long the playmat has been rolled in the box, It can take up to a week to fully flatten. 
  • Please allow the playmat to flatten as suggested above to avoid a trip hazard.
  • We recommend that if you are using the padded foam playmat on hardwood or hard surface floors that you place a non-slip rug pad under the playmat to ensure the mat is secured in place.
  • We recommend that you keep the velcro straps to easily roll and store the playmat between uses.

Daily Care:

  • For daily use, we recommend simply wiping down your padded foam playmat with a damp soft cleaning cloth or using warm water and a mild ph-balanced detergent.
  • We do not recommend the use of any harsh or acidic cleaning agents, oils, alcohol, bleach or grainy cleaners as they may discolour, fade or cause damage to the playmat.
  • Spills such as tea, coffee, juice or bodily fluids, such as vomit or urine, should be cleaned up as quickly as possible to avoid stains or fading given the acidic nature of these liquids.
  • Please let the playmat dry after wiping clean, as this can cause a slip hazard.   

Please Note:

  • Our padded foam playmats are intended to be used on a smooth surface. Sharp objects may puncture, tear or graze the top layer of the playmat. 
  • Heavy objects or large pieces of furniture are not to be placed on the playmat for long periods of time, as they will cause permanent indentations, creasing and damage to the playmat. 
  • Pens, crayons, markers and paints can easily permanently mark the playmat and therefore use of these items needs to be avoided on the playmat. 
  • Avoid hot properties such as heaters, fire-places and hot liquids around the playmat.
  • We love all furry friends big and small, and many enjoy the comfort of our playmats as well, however, please be aware that pets with sharp claws and teeth can cause damage. 
  • Avoid using steam cleaners on the playmat.
  • Our padded foam TPU playmats are made without any toxic plasticizers and chemical / colour stabilizers. The heat-sealing process may cause a slight yellowish discolouring of the outer edges of the playmat. This is not a fault but a feature of the premium quality and material that we use. 
  • We have also eliminated all harsh and toxic preserving chemicals (like PVC) from our playmats, which may lead to slight yellow discolouration over-time, which is more pronounced around the outer edges because of the heat sealing mentioned above or in lighter colour playmat designs. Prolonged direct sunlight, improper cleaning and exposure to high temperatures can contribute to accelerating this.
  • Please check ingredient listings of cleaners carefully before use on the playmat, as some natural sprays / baby wipes / baby sprays may contain alcohol / essential oils that are still considered a strong degreaser (i.e. Eucalyptus Oils / Essential Oils). Please avoid these as they may cause discolouration. Prolonged use may weaken the playmat material and cause it to easily tear.


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